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Expiriences with web-engineering and blogging

List of recent projects

As you can read this page is an exception because it is written in English. Here you will find some informations about recent projects, which RK was/is proud to be part of.

First things first. The listed projects, communities or companies start 2009 with the blog BiomassMuse and end in autumn 2014 with the opening of the RK-Gallery.Berlin.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting a project!

  • BiomassMuse

    "Very well structured and extremely informative. Anyone interested in bioenergy can not get past BiomassMuse." Words by Dr. Stefan Preiss, Editor of EUWID Renewable Energy, about the bioenergy blog which RK started in 2009. The whole journey within the renewable energy circus began with BiomassMuse!

  • Energiefacetten

    The Energiefacetten are an online magazin about and for the renewable Energiewende. RK is thankful that he could make the expierience of working in this inspired team. 8 people who balanced out easily and were full of creativity and ambition.

  • Fachverband BioÖkonomie

    "7 dwarfs you have to be to found a registered association in Germany". 2012 we started the initiative for a bioeconomy association to support the growing market for renewable biomass. But we were just 4 active dwarfs, so we couldn't start the association yet. The aim is to establish an organization in the future.

  • Energieblogger

    What is the community of the "Energieblogger"? We were 3 in 2011, 8 in 2012 and 43 in 2013. Thats the number of people who use the Energiebogger-Community to communicate about the Renewables entering the energy markets. Having your own blog is one thing, but being part of a community is a totally different experience.

  • Meisterwebseiten

    If you are working a long time with Wordpress and you tried wild template, plugin and widget combinations, building web-pages can make addictive like doing a sport. You make some experiences with HTML, CSS, SEO etc. and suddently you enjoy to express yourself with doing web-engineering. Sounds weird? Maybe it is (:

  • RTDB

    The round table of bioeconomy is something that the environmental engineer RK believes a lot in. The start of an online-conference for bioeconomy in Europe is the result of what he learnt about the biomass sector in the last 5 years. Reaching for a lower independence on oil can't be wrong on so many levels!

  • UBB

    An environmental engineering company from Berlin RK worked for as freelancer in 2014. His tasks were web-engineering and building authority applications for water projects in the region of the capital.

  • Flisa-Bau

    A building company from Berlin RK is working for as freelancer since 2014. This city is changing day by day...

  • RK-Gallery.Berlin

    The RK-Gallery.Berlin opened in autumn 2014 and presents digital paintings around a variety of topics.